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Recently, as interest in Korea has increased , more and more people dream of studying in Korea. TOPIK is a test of Korean proficiency, divided from level 1 to 6 according to scores. It is a must-take test for international students. Generally, to enter a Korean university, it is required to have a TOPIK level 3 score.

However, it is not easy to study TOPIK alone in a foreign country without a systematic curriculum and guidance. Thus, more and more companies provide real-time online classes that can be accessed easily and conveniently even in the local area for international students.

Among these companies is the recently launched K-DREAM's TOPIK course is noteworthy. K-DREAM is a company that originated from SUDO Academy, which has been in a unique position in Korean language education since 1968, and its systematic education and management system has already been proven worthy.

K-Dream's TOPIK courses are divided into 1:1 courses and group classes. Taking a 1:1 course has the advantage of receiving more detailed instruction. Also, in the case of group classes, there are TOPIK 1 course for 1st and 2nd level, TOPIK 2 course for 3rd~6th level, and intensive course. The level 1 course can be completed in 4 weeks with 24 hours worth of classes, the level 2 course is 32 hours worth of classes, the level 3 and level 4 courses for 40 hours worth of classes, and the intensive course is 100 hours worth of classes.

The advantage of the K-Dream TOPIK course is that you can choose an instructor yourself, and if you create a team to listen, you can exchange information with each other and take classes at a lower price.

If you look at the actual reviews, you can see reactions such as "It was good to communicate well with the instructor" and "It was helpful because the class was systematic." Additionally, an MOU has been signed with Namseoul University, and it is said that if you take the TOPIK course for more than three quarters, you will be eligible to take the school's own TOPIK exam. Furthermore, it is said that if you get a TOPIK level 5 or 6 before graduating from university, you can receive a scholarship.

How about preparing for exams and studying abroad along with K-Dream's systematic topic course?

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