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  • K-Dream Vision was established to provide various services such as various certificate courses and career guidance that can be linked to practical jobs as well as long-term career development after Korean language training courses, master’s, and doctorate courses for international students interested in studying in Korea.
  • Increasing number of overseas students are very important human resources as future partners in Korea. While in Korea, I hope that you will become a future leader who plays an important role in each country as a partner who can better understand Korean society and culture, make good friends, learn deep knowledge and wisdom through experts in each field, and grow together.

Jenny Yoon
Chief Consultant and Director
K-Dream Vision Consulting

Jenny Yoon – Chief Consultant and Director

  • Regus Korea Manager      : Global Start-up
  • EMMI US Representative : Medical Tour Consulting
  • Adecco Korea Director      : Manpower Staffing
  • Lee Hecht Harrison Director    : Career Consulting
  • Drake Beam Morin Korea Chief Consultant   : Outplacement
  • Human Search Senior Consultant : Head-hunting / Executive Search

Maria E. Caprescu – Project Manager

  • Economic Cooperation and Communication Officer @Romanian Embassy in Korea
  • Korean History and Culture Docent @Context Travel
  • UNESCO History and Culture Lecturer
  • English Lecturer @ Geumgang University
  • Korean, English, Romanian, French, Spanish translation
  • BC, KBS Broadcasting & Radio show 

PIAO ENHUA – International Commissioner for China

Foreign Agencies Network / Education Consulting Partners

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