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Study online / on mobile, Korean education platform K-DREAM


The Korean original drama Squid Game is getting a lot of attention all over the world. Interest in the Korean language has also increased due to the popularity of K-culture, through  BTS, Parasite, Minari and Squid Games. Although the number of foreigners who want to learn Korean has grown significantly, there are very few places or opportunities to learn Korean directly from native professors.  

By actively reflecting these needs, we have created K-DREAM, a Korean language lecture site where students can learn Korean, easily and systematically, through online and mobile devices. K-DREAM is an online Korean language education platform that connects the best Korean language instructors with global learners. 

K-DREAM allows you to learn Korean online and on mobile. You can choose 1:1 Class, Group Class, etc. according to your ability and taste. Programs are available to help you learn Korean with ease and efficiency. . In addition, we provide  TOPIK courses for international students and EPS TOPIK for workers preparing for employment in Korea.  You can receive various information regarding links to universities and companies in Korea at

For those who want to become Korean language instructors around the world, an online ‘Korean Instructor Certification Class’ is being operated by university professors. K-DREAM provides not only high-quality online and mobile lectures but also a corner where you can find information about K-culture, Study in Korea, employment, etc. for foreigners who are unable to visit Korea due to the corona pandemic.  Details such as course registration, Study in Korea and employment can be found on the K-DREAM site ( 

. K-DREAM can also be found on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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